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TAP provides Business Consulting on Human Resources and Operational Mgmt systems. Our organization is a for-profit firm rendering assistance, advice and educational services for work force arenas in government and private sectors on issues of diversity and equity. ALL services have inclusive and accountable assessments. ALL training is tailor-made to meet specific needs of companies from a variety of industries. TAP leverages diverse resources and talents combined with partnerships on each project. The strategies of TAP take advantage of fair-minded critical thinking methods. The Diversity Navigators assist with resources to engage, market, navigate and educate various teams. The goals are positive outcomes and realizations that balance internal and external cultural climates and various communities for companies. TAP’s TEAM is diversity in action; aiming to ignite diverse possibilities and social awareness for individuals and companies. The Diversity Navigators provide consulting services, training opportunities and public speaking covering topics ranging from Diversity & InclusionLife Skills & Work ReadinessCultural: Respect & ProficiencyTargeted Marketing and Community Engagement

Over the next 15 to 20 years, a major crisis in the workforce will be caused by the mass exodus and cyclical employment trends. Baby boomers are exiting in droves due to retirement. Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z (ages approximately 16-34) are increasingly entering the workforce. Companies oblivious to these trends will face two challenges.  (1) Repairing the damage caused by the crisis; and (2) creating quality employment opportunities. Targeted action to create welcoming workplace environments can slow the crisis. Targeted recruitment and retention of young prospects can also slow the crisis. Both targets better equip succession plans for companies in transition. To close workforce gaps, ALL industries need to focus on the large numbers of diverse populations. Diverse talents from diverse communities are untapped commodities in-demand labor. Minnesota ranked 14 out of similar metropolitan cities for vastly diverse populations. Minorities are not on a rise in exodus. However, top level executives of color are on the rise due to the lack of quality professional career pathways.

  • MN losing residents to other states
  • Young people leaving the state for other opportunities
  • MN gaining people from immigration
  • Young people come to go to college; same numbers are leaving the state for college

“Diversity Navigators”. Take A Pause to collaborate in ventures with businesses and educational entities in your community. Let’s TAP the gap in the workforce one step at a time!