About TAP

The Diversity Navigators are active members of numerous Chambers of Commerce. Chambers strive to be the heart of a community supporting government, private and educational activities. We work with other D&I Practitioners, HR Leaders and Business leaders in the continual development of cultural competence development and explorations. TAP regularly provides guidance to businesses, schools and nonprofits seeking to engage or recruit in diverse communities. Offering intentional and respectful marketing strategies for companies to offer products and services which are conducive to the appropriate needs of the diverse populations and communities is one of our approaches.  One procedure is staying abreast of the US Census Reports,  statistical research data and global trends.

The concept of TAP Diversity Navigators began in 2008 when the economy collapsed. Companies were struggling to maintain quality customer service by nominal means and measures as the strained economy tried to rebound. Ten years later the economy is recovering. Subsequently, the workforce demands have increased. The skilled, certified and licensed pool of candidates are slim. Every company is fishing at the same watering hole. The need for companies and organizations to re-evaluate their staffing needs was passed due. Today, public, private and educational entities are realizing the need to improve development and training with clear career pathways. Diversification of industries and diversification in the workplace has many, board of directors, brokers, owners and management teams re-evaluating their needs. So, TAP was borne. We show up to orchestrate mutual collaborations and ventures.  The Diversity Navigators approach is to connect the dots in each community creating equitable and accessible opportunities for economic prosperity for many experiencing disparities of education and economic.


Our mission to assist the collaborative ventures between businesses, schools and diverse communities to increase the diversity and inclusivity of the workforce.


Our vision is to highlight the necessity and importance of the diversity in talents and in skills. Our goals are to broaden the impact of the economic health, economic growth and economic stability for each company from every industry.

All About Diversity

We define diversity as differences in industry, culture, ethnicity, gender, geography, ideas, theology, physical & mental challenges to name a few. Diversity is our TAP in closing economic and educational gaps placing barriers on access to workforce and community sustainability.