About TAP

The Diversity Navigators are active members of numerous Chambers of Commerce. Chambers strive to be the heart of a community by supporting government, private and educational activities. We work with other D&I Practitioners, HR Leaders and Business leaders in the continual development of cultural competence development and explorations. TAP regularly provides guidance to businesses, schools and nonprofits seeking to engage, market and recruit in diverse communities. TAP offers companies culturally intentional and respectful marketing strategies on their products/services offered to diverse groups. TAP offers advice to companies on products/services conducive and appropriate for needs of diverse groups and communities.

The concept of TAP Diversity Navigators began in 2008 when the economy collapsed nationally. Dr. Chirpich, CEO/President noticed companies struggling. Maintaining quality customer service was difficult. Cyclical unemployment strained budgets. Fast forward ten years, the economy rebounding and recovering. The workforce demands increased. The skilled, certified and licensed labor force slimmed. Many companies were fishing for labor talent in the same watering holes. Companies and organizations began to re-evaluate their sourcing and recruiting strategies. Public, private and educational entities began improving developmental training with clear career pathways which increased staff retention.  The orchestration and facilitation of mutual collaborations/ventures was the birth of TAP. The Diversity Navigators connect the dots to diverse communities creating equitable and accessible opportunities. Those opportunities bring economic prosperity to communities and groups experiencing education and economic disparities.


Assist collaborative ventures amongst businesses, municipalities and schools with diverse communities and groups. To increase the diversity, equity and inclusivity found in the workforce.


Place a spotlight on the importance and necessities of diverse talents, diverse skills and diverse labor. To broaden and to diversify the access, equity and opportunities for positive impacts of economic health, economic growth, economic stability for each and every – individual, company, industry.

All About Diversity

  SEE and DEFINE diversity as differences in: age, beliefs, biography, culture, ethnicity, gender, geography, ideas, industries, physical/mental challenges, orientation and religion/theology to name a few. Diversity is the TAP in closing the GAP. Diversity provides opportunities economically and educationally on barriers to access, equity and inclusion for the stability within communities and the workforce.