Solutions Not Suspensions

Many of the school districts in Minnesota and nationally have been wrestling with closing the achievement gap and the education gap. States spend $5.7 billion a year on the juvenile justice system instead of our schools. On average, states spend $88,000 to incarcerate a young person, but only $10,000 to educate one. There was 62% of students of color graduating in 2013 compared to 85% of the Caucasian students. Students with disabilities are more than twice as likely to receive an out-of-school suspension than students without disabilities.

TAP’s teams are committee members and advisors on the SNS Coalition supported by Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP). Solutions Not Suspensions Coalition held a SNS Coalition meeting WEDNESDAY, June 24, 2015 from 10 am–12 pm at 2233 University Avenue Suite#201, St. Paul, MN. Meeting was held in the conference room at the Danish Institutes Study Abroad North American Program (in the Wright Building, second floor next to the MnEEP Offices.

Here’s Five Key Areas Discussed:
~How the SNS Coalition intends to engage youth in the coalition and at the table
~Discussed plans for a statewide participation in the National Dignity in Schools Week of Action in October later this year
~Discussed the coalition report on coalition structure and workplan
~Connected  with fellow community organizations and shared updates and some promising best practices on restorative discipline
~Rallied around the student and parent rights to participate in the decision-making affecting school policies

Additional Briefings from youth and adult advocates in Minnesota: