Our Diversity Navigators develop feasibility studies and reports with companies making changes in their policies and procedures for sourcing, screening and selection of diverse talents. TAP creates navigational and educational services tailor-made for strategies in business consulting services for Administrative, Maintenance and Operational Management systems. Our expertise in Cultural Proficiency and Respect; Diversity and Inclusion increases opportunities for companies to explore new tactics for an increased participation. Our agile team appropriately coneys culturally responsive and culturally relevant tools for companies pursuing an escalation in Community Engagement and the maximization of Customer Service Management. Our developmental strategies (individual, public, private) provide culturally proficient advice for companies to internally create welcoming climates to engage cultural differences and strengthen retention of diverse employees. Artfully incorporating inclusion accountability, TAP has found it energizes and invigorates company teams. Orchestrated by TAP, goal-setting and career pathways can spotlight the development of clarity and transparency in highlighting  retention and recruitment of prospective professionals from diverse communities.

TAP continually reviews data transformations of global and national companies. Our Diversity Navigators research various HR statistical analytics and HR Management Best Practices.  We remain observant to inclinations and movement of disparities data from internal and external systems local and statewide. The US Census, US Labor Statistics and International and Global Trends provide some resources albeit to the appropriateness of the requested reporting.  EEO, OSHA and HR regulations and guidelines are adhered to for the proper operations and productivity in ALL departments of ALL companies.

TAP cultivates Life Skills & Workplace Development topics for workshops and seminars by keeping a pulse on the ever-changing needs, demands, demographics and migration trends in the workforce.

Products Offered

  • HR Capital Feasibility Reports
  • Disparities Datafication Reviews
  • Training Plans & Workbooks
  • Resource Toolkits

Services Offered

  • Management Consultation on Operations, Administration and Maintenance of Business Systems
  • Executive Leadership Development, Train-the-Trainer, Workshops, Seminars, Summits, Board Retreats and Public Speaking
  • HR Consultation: Application Processes, Recruitment, Retention and  Succession Plans
  • Project Management and Project Managers
  • Diversity Targeted Professional Fundraising Consultation


Our work with Nkem at TAP Resources always brings an a-ha moment! Nkem is plugged into the community, she is very resourceful, and she has real world experience. This allows Nkem to really listen, ask the right questions, and connect us to the right group and/ or organization. Nkem’s knowledge combined with her excellent problem solving skills allows her to quickly adapt to any situation and provide timely and accurate solutions. Needless to say, Nkem has become our resource of choice for BLAIR Staffing’s strategic networking needs. I consider her a part of our extended team.

Sharonda BlairPresident, BLAIR Staffing & Workforce Solutions, LLC

Youth-Intervention-Programs-AssociationsTAP is doing a wonderful job in connecting the Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA) with the business community. Since TAP began championing our cause, the business community has become more aware of and supportive of the work that youth intervention programs are doing in communities throughout Minnesota. Nkem is a spark plug. She knows how to get things done with energy and enthusiasm. We are truly fortunate to have as a resource TAP and Nkem.

Paul MeunierExecutive Director of YIPA

North-Hennipen-Chamber-of-CommerceNkem has demonstrated high intelligence, integrity, wonderful enthusiasm, a passion for the power of creating communities of growth and the common good, exhibiting exceptional collegiality and pronounced leadership skills. We’re delighted that she has transformed the challenge of rejuvenating our Tuesday Chamber Networking Group into a rapid success and for her help in virtually any other area where we’ve asked for it. It is definitely worth noting that I asked her to help bring a higher degree of diversity to the Chamber and specifically to that Group, and she has done so with distinction. With her knowledge of business, schools, communities and her passion for people and for finding solutions, I believe you will be graced by her involvement.

Steve EricksonExecutive Director, North Hennepin Area Chamber of Commerce