Our Subcontractors, Consultants, Coaches, Trainers

Our Subcontractors are selected by and hired from TAP Diversity Navigators Resource Guide of culturally diverse and professionally diversified individuals, companies and industries.

Our Consultants, Coaches and Project Managers: Certified, Degreed and Experts in an array of industries and business development fields: Diversity & Inclusion, K-12 Education, Human Resources, Customer Service Management, Marketing/PR, Healthcare, Finance and Technology

Our Facilitators and Associate Managers: plan, guide and manage diverse events and diverse workshops utilizing a joint-journey mapping process;  to reach a client’s desired outcome; achieve the desired results; all goals based upon the specific needs, cultural relevance and characteristics of the participants in the sessions

Our Trainers: develop customized training; create tailor-made guides, plans and strategies while working in the parameters of the company’s agenda; provide tools to help the company reach and achieve individual and organization goals faster, clearer and more focused

Our Team

  • Skilled and equipped to work with small, medium and large businesses to improve their performance and give them a competitive edge in their industry; on-site and off-site sessions creating environments to train a group of employees or entire departments
  • Personal and broad understanding of multi-cultural and diverse groups: the ability to orchestrate with confidence collaborations amongst businesses, municipalities and educational entities  in diverse neighborhoods, local cities, international communities of varying demographics and cultural backgrounds
  • Assess and analyze a client’s needs with fair-minded critical thinking methods: providing research, statistics, feasibility studies, productivity analysis, inclusivity accountabilities on demographics, geography and labor trends
  • Launch campaigns tailored to the company’s needs: recruit workforce, reduce turnover, retain employees, promote/design career pathways & growth; diversify strategies for marketing, community engagement and public relations with diverse groups