Subcontractors, Consultants, Coaches, Trainers

Our Subcontractors: selected by and hired from TAP Resource Center’s directory of culturally diverse and professionally diversified individuals and companies

Our Consultants, Coaches and Project Managers: certified and degreed with expertise in an array of business development fields including diversity & inclusion, human resources, customer service, communications, healthcare, finance and technology

Our Coaches, Facilitators and Project Managers: plan, guide and manage the client’s event or workshop through the joint-journey mapping to reach their desired outcome;  achieve the desired results given the specific needs based upon the characteristics of the participants during the sessions

Our Trainers: develop customized training; guide and provide tailored structure while working in the parameters of the company’s agenda; provide skills that help the company reach and achieve individual goals and the organization’s goals faster, clearer and more focused

Training Teams

  • Skilled and equipped to work with small, medium and large businesses to improve their performance and give them a competitive edge in their industry; on-site and off-site sessions creating environments to train a group of employees or entire departments
  • Personal and broad understanding of multi-cultural and diverse communities, abilities to orchestrate with confidence collaborations between businesses and educational organizations from local cities to neighborhoods of varying demographics various cultures
  • Assess the client’s needs by providing research and feasibility analysis
  • Launch recruitment campaigns tailored to the company’s needs to increase the workforce and reduce turnover by promoting career growth