Dignity In Schools National Week of Action Coming October 2015

Dignity in Schools

The Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) challenges the systemic problem of pushout in the nation’s schools. DSC advocates for the human right of EVERY young person to a quality education and to be treated with DIGNITY. The DSC unites parents, youth, advocates and educators to support alternatives to this culture of zero-tolerance, punishment and removal in schools.

National Week of Action is a nationwide Campaign to bring about awareness  to the #SchoolPushout crisis in the nation’s schools. Rallies, marches, forums and workshops are held across the country by students parents, teachers and advocates working to transform #SchoolDiscipline policies and practices. In 2014, there was over 100 Week of Action events in more than 50 cities and towns. The Duluth and Minneapolis were among those cities!

Gear up it’s COMING — 2015 Dignity in Action. Be counted! October 5-12, 2015. Contact: info@MNEEP.org